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Alliance2015 is a strategic partnership of seven European non-governmental organisations engaged in humanitarian and development activities. Alliance2015 members are ACTED (France), Cesvi (Italy), Concern Worldwide (Ireland), HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation (Switzerland), Hivos (The Netherlands), People in Need (Czech Republic) and Welthungerhilfe (Germany).

We aim to fight poverty more effectively by cooperating on various levels, working together in the least developed countries and influencing and campaigning together at EU level. By joining forces, we can meet the challenges and changing demands of our work and shape public and political opinion in Europe. Established to strengthen our members' contribution to the Millennium Development Goals, we intend to keep this commitment towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

European project with a global reach across the world's poorest countries

Alliance2015 members' country presence map
Alliance2015 members' country presence

In Asia, collaboration in emergencies has forged particularly strong links among the partners that foster strong cooperation in the development of large-scale rehabilitation programmes, especially in Pakistan and the Philippines.

In Africa, member agencies often cooperate on joint livelihoods and resilience programmes, and support people in the midst of severe crises ranging from El Niño induced drought in Ethiopia to the war in South Sudan.

Latin America was the first continent where Alliance2015 members successfully implemented joint projects.

Members exchange and support each other on their Syria operations, and explore new ways of working (peer monitoring, capacity building to councils and NGOs, etc.) despite an extremely challenging context.

In Europe, Alliance2015 has been successfully campaigning and focusing on advocacy work, for example with the EU-funded Stop Child Labour campaign that ran from 2003 to 2013 (now continued by Hivos). From mid-2012 to mid-2015, five Alliance2015 members ran the Food Right Now campaign, funded by the EU and addressing a young audience in Europe. In January 2013, a large advocacy programme on a structured dialogue between NGOs and the EU on MDGs 1 and 2 started with all members on board.

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