June 19, 2017 17:15

World Refugee Day 2017: Drought turns us into refugees in our own country

Yurub Abdilahi in Awdal, Somaliland

On the occasion of World Refugee Day on 20 June, we tell the stories of some of the refugees and displaced people that are supported by our members.

Yurub Abdilahi sits there on the ground in Awdal, Somaliland, waiting for the next turn of food distribution by Alliance2015 member Welthungerhilfe. “It is very hard for us. We had been searching for food and water for more than five months before we came here. We have lost all our animals. They all died.”

Yurub is a 40 years old mother of five children and a pastoralist. Together with her family she lived in the eastern part of Somaliland, the region severely hit by a drought the country has not lived for years. „People from the eastern parts of Somaliland come here because they hope to find food and water for themselves and their animals,” says Woldesenbet Gebre, Welthungerhilfe Programme Coordinator in Awdal, Somaliland. The local host families and the newly arrived ones, they now share the little they all have. There is a great solidarity among the people, and Alliance2015 member Welthungerhilfe supports both groups with food and water distribution. Yurub lowers hear head and says silently: “We had to flee the drought and we have lost everything. We are happy and thankful to be well received here, but we miss our home region.” Some days ago, the first rainfalls came down, but Yurub will probably have to stay a little bit longer in Awdal to build up her livelihood again, before she can go back with her family.

Since 2015 there have not been regular and sufficient rainfalls in Somaliland– it is a catastrophe that turned the people affected into refugees in their own country.

This story is part of Alliance2015 World Refugee Day campaign, featuring stories of refugees supported by our members. For more information about the campaign and other stories, please click here.