Concern Worldwide from Ireland

Concern Worldwide was founded in 1968, initially as a response to the disastrous famine in Biafra. The famine was largely precipitated by the conflict that followed Biafra's attempt to secede from Nigeria.

However, what began as a once-off operation quickly grew into a fully-fledged emergency and development organisation. Today, Concern is Ireland's largest relief and development agency, with operations in 28 countries worldwide. The chief focus of our work is people living in extreme or absolute poverty. To this end, the organisation is guided by two main priorities: emergency response to humanitarian crises; longer-term development projects targeted at the poorest in society.

Through advocacy and development education, Concern also seeks to raise awareness and effect policy changes that benefit the people of the developing world. With offices in Dublin (headquarters), Belfast, London, New York, Chicago, and Seoul, Concern operates and funds relief and development work in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

A secular, civil society organisation, Concern is controlled and regulated by its membership. The members form the General Body, which has responsibility for the Articles of Association, election of the Council, appointment of the auditors and approval of the annual accounts. The Council, which oversees the operation of Concern, is elected yearly.

In 2015, Concern's income was €182.2 million, raised from public sources including individuals, corporates, private institutions, trusts and foundations, governmental sources - including the Irish, British and US governments - the European Union and United Nations. Programme expenditure for the year was €177.2 million.

Concern Worldwide
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Concern Annual Report and Financial Statements 2015