Overview of Alliance2015 Cooperation

Taken together, Alliance2015 members work in:

  • 90 countries (please click here for the information on who works where as of September 2016)
  • with an income of 857.9 million (2015 income)
  • with approx. 1,750 partner organisations
  • with approx. 1,500 staff members (about 50/50 HQ and field) plus approx. 9,000 local field staff

As of May 2016, we count 62 joint initiatives with:

  • 15 shared offices in 11 countries, i.e. Cuba, Haiti, Peru, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Sierra-Leone, South Sudan (ended now due to the government’s request), Uganda, Afghanistan (6 months in 2015), Philippines and Tajikistan.
  • 32 joint projects are currently awarded or being implemented in 22 countries; four are either European-based or global. 
  • These joint projects amount to over €65 million. The donors involved: DFID (3), MADAD (1), other EU (7), ECHO (6), AA/BMZ/GIZ/Germany (11), SDC/Swiss Solidarity (2), IFAD (1). 

Alliance2015 Development Cooperation

Large political and power shifts, economic and financial crises, and the increasing impact of climate change are rapidly transforming the world and affect the way development NGOs work. Where several Alliance2015 members are present in a country, they actively work to improve joint programmes. Many such initiatives focus on food and nutrition, security and resilience.

Sharing knowledge plays a key role in ensuring the optimal use of the members’ different abilities and operational approaches, and in strengthening cooperation in development programming and emergency preparedness response. All joint activities are guided by the principles of Aid and Development Effectiveness.

Together, Alliance2015 members cover 90 countries, which gives them access to better infrastructure and a greater reach than each would have individually. Click here for the information on who works where as of September 2016.

Since its inception, Alliance2015 has been working to coordinate more of its activities to better support vulnerable people in development countries aiming at a greater impact of project activities. Working together for a just and sustainable world free from poverty and hunger remains the main motivation for Alliance2015's efforts and a vision shared with local partner organisations in the countries where its members work.

Alliance2015 Country Leaflets

Since 2011, several countries that we work in have produced their own Alliance2015 flyers to feature their work and their cooperation in the country. Please click below on the country names to download the respective flyers:

Pakistan (2014); Tajikistan (2013); Cambodia (2012); Nicaragua (2012)