Cesvi from Italy

Cesvi is an Italian humanitarian organisation, non-confessional, independent, participatory and non-profit foundation, founded in Bergamo in 1985.

Cesvi works on every continent to transform humanitarian aid into a chance to set up long-term projects promoting self-development and involvement among the beneficiary communities.

In the name Cesvi, the words cooperazione e sviluppo (cooperation and development) underline the fact that Cesvi's philosophy is based on the idea of giving aid recipients a leading role, working together for their own natural benefit. Cesvi is strongly committed to making sure that international aid doesn't become mere charity or is too influenced by donors’ self-interest.

Cesvi’s assistance to people in need around the world can be divided into three main categories:

  • Immediate help to ensure survival and to overcome emergencies
  • Rehabilitation and reconstruction of systems destroyed by war or natural calamities
  • Cooperation programmes and projects for the development of underprivileged social groups and poor communities

In Italy and Europe, Cesvi runs campaigns to raise awareness and encourage a culture of worldwide solidarity, especially among youth, and to promote initiatives benefiting the most vulnerable.

The key sectors of Cesvi’s intervention are: health (particularly the fight against HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB); support to children and young people; food security; emergency and post-emergency relief.

Via Broseta 68/a
24128 Bergamo, Italy
Tel: +39 35 2058058
Fax: +39 35 260958

Cesvi Annual Report 2015