People in Need from Czech Republic

People in Need was the first NGO from a post-communist country that started to assist victims of disasters, conflicts or human rights violations abroad. Its roots date back to the devastating 1988 earthquake in Armenia, which gave rise to the very first abroad-focused action of civil society in Czechoslovakia (at that time still deeply chained up behind the Iron curtain). The donations collected were used for the Armenian earthquake victims. The organizers of the public appeal later founded People in Need (1992), a non-government organization that tried to inspire a largeness of spirit in Czech society by helping others in need, and to promote democratic freedom for all.

Once an organization made up of a few enthusiasts, People in Need has grown to become one of the largest NGOs in Central and Eastern Europe. Today, the work focuses on four areas:

1. relief and development aid

2. advocacy for human rights and democratic freedom

3. field social work and


4. education, awareness and information,

People in Need reaches people in more than 30 countries all over the world directly and has an impact on many others. People in Need is a secular organization rooted in Czech civil society and led by an Executive and Supervisory Board and the Directorate.

In 2017, the organization celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Public donations (both through campaigns and memberships), the Czech government, various private foundations, the United Nations' agencies, the EU and others finance People in Need's work. The amount of aid provided in the year 2017 reached over 65 million Euros.

Our staff in the Czech Republic and overseas are qualified to deliver well-designed and targeted programming. Through advocacy, information sharing and education, People in Need aims to influence both the public and institutions in order to promote changes in public mentality and policy for the benefit of those in need.

People in Need

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People in Need Annual Report 2017