IBIS from Denmark

Founded in 1966, IBIS is one of Denmark's largest solidarity and development organisations, with a turnover of â‚¬ 37.2 million in 2013. Today, the organisation operates in 9 countries across Africa and Latin America.

Education is crucial to IBIS: we believe that it can serve as a means to empower the poor and thereby lay the foundations for longer-term development. For example, IBIS is currently playing a major role in the reform and transformation of the education systems of both Namibia and South Africa.

In South and Central America, we work with indigenous peoples on projects relating to bilingual and 'popular' education. Our work with partner organisations and community bodies is also characterised by a strong emphasis on 'education for change.'

We also believe it is important to share the knowledge we gain from our work in the developing world with the public and civil society across Europe. IBIS strives to ensure that the needs of those in the developing world are neither forgotten nor ignored, and to ensure that, the core, structural causes of poverty are addressed.

Through public information and advocacy campaigns IBIS seeks to ensure that the needs of the developing world are placed firmly on the political agenda, as is the necessity to tackle poverty in a planned, structural manner.

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IBIS annual report 2013-2014