Documentation on First Roundtable; Dublin 2013:

Official roundtable programme 

Biographies of the speakers and panelists

Roundtable booklet


Welcome and opening remarks by Tom Arnold, Member of Scaling Up Nutrition Lead Group

Video Address from Olivier de Schutter, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food

Address by Minister Joe Costello, Minister of State for Trade & Development  "Ireland’s Presidency- progress possible in 2013"


Presentation by Susanne Mallaun, European Commission:
"The EU’s Emerging Policy Framework - Opportunities & Challenges"


Presentation by Pankaj Kumar, Assistant Country Director Concern Ethiopia


Presentation by Souphasith Bounyavong, National Programme Coordinator, Welthungerhilfe, Laos on the LANN Project

Presentation by Nena Lafuente, Country Director – Concern in Chad 
Paper on Community Resilience to Acute Malnutrition (CRAM)


Film byLeila Bourahla, Country Director Concern & Presentation  


Dublin: Scaling Up EU Impact on Community Resilience and Nutrition

In March 2013, Alliance2015 brought together policy makers and practitioners from around the world to discuss Scaling up EU Impact on Community Resilience and Nutrition. Discussion focussed on the role of the EU in promoting a coherent approach to nutrition and building community resilience to under nutrition.

Representatives of the European Commission, Member States, Research Institutions and NGOs listened to programme perspectives from Ethiopia, Laos, Chad and Niger and agreed that a multi-sectoral approach is core to addressing vulnerability and building resilience. Participants noted that the European Institutions need to ensure a joined-up approach in both policy and funding, and have clear coordination mechanisms between EU presences at Brussels and country level. Most crucially, the recent EU Communications on Resilience and Nutrition must be followed by strong Action Plans.


Susanne Mallaun, EC, Peter Gubbels, Groundswell International; Nuala O’Brien, Emergency & Recovery Unit, Irish Aid; Rajul Pandya-Lorch, Head 2020 Vision Initiative and Chief of Staff, IFPRI; Pankaj Kumar, Assistant Country Director, Concern Ethiopia on the Panel (photo: Thomas Geogheghan)